2022 Speakers

Alice Mabin

Ten times best-selling author and BEFA Asia Pacific Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Al Mabin spent many years working the land before picking up a camera to share the spirit of our rural communities with the world.

Driven by a burning desire to pay tribute to the incredible people who provide for our country and empower people, Al’s no-holds-barred approach, and strong resolve to follow her intuition, saw her circumnavigate our great island nation seven times to produce four record-breaking publications.

The Drover, The Driver and The Grower Series are iconic.

More than just stunning books, her masterworks reconnect people to the outback way of life, celebrate the essence of the Aussie bush and stir solidarity.

In 2019 Alice released her memoir detailing the winding road that brought her from traumatic brain injury survivor to award-winning author. The Winding Road: Secrets of an Outback Entrepreneur goes behind the scenes of the renowned rural photographers’ life to remind us that our potential is limitless. Now well-known for her motivational speaking, Alice harnesses the power of storytelling to inspire change, challenge mindsets and create brilliance. “Like you”, says Alice, “I want people in our cities to understand and appreciate how the essence of the bush impacts us all.”


Diane and Michelle Anne (those2sisters) are experts in Personal Empowerment. Diane uses her specialist training in lp (neuro linguistic programming) and Michelle her skills learnt in her 23-year police career to guide and facilitate people to connect to their true power and unlock their own greatness.

Those2sisters are international guest speakers and coaches and come highly recommended in the corporate arena. With their contagious presence they will wow your audience and/or staff and leave everyone they meet feeling seen, powerful, and ready to change their world.
They use online and face-to-face programs, self-development retreats, and one-on-one coaching along with their podcasts and best-selling published books to help people click off autopilot and start creating a fulfilling, balanced. stress-free life.
They specialise in self-awareness and resilience and teach people the skills to reconnect with themselves and identify triggers to effectively deal with stress and overwhelm.
They guide people to find their own answers and work with staff to facilitate maintaining an effective work-life balance. Diane and Michelle are both are passionate about preventing burnout and addressing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression before they take hold.
Using a combination of science and self-awareness, they encourage people to stop merely responding to life and alternatively, use the tools, techniques, and strategies they share, to step into their power, build their own coping mechanisms/social skills and start creating the life they desire and deserve with absolute certainty.
For more information. Visit: www.Those2sisters.Com