2019 Speaker Brooke Hanson OAM

Brooke Hanson OAM is an Olympic champion in swimming, a professional speaker, master of ceremonies, television and radio presenter, mother to four children and a survivor of a work place incident. 

Work health and safety is one of several passions of Brooke’s, she talks about her own experience and encourages audiences to be more mindful.  Brooke recalls her incident and shares her personal journey, bringing greater awareness to a serious topic. She covers the importance of a safe working environment in an informative, truthful and entertaining way. 

“At what moment do you decide you are having the worst day, worst week, worst month, the worst year of your life? 

At what moment do you do something about the warning signs? 

At what moment do you speak up instead of being too nice, too scared, too positive, too complacent? 

I didn’t listen to my inner voice telling me that something wasn’t quite right. 

I suffered a severe work place incident that could have taken my life. 

I went through so much and the most frightening thing was it could have been easily avoided if the correct safety measures were in place. 

I realise that my incident could have been much worse, and I feel I’ve been given an opportunity to share my story and encourage the importance of safe practice in the work place.” 

Brooke empowers people to remain diligent and be accountable through recalling her story. 

Come and meet Brooke at Cabarlah Ladies Day, she has a beautiful bubbly personality, down to earth honesty and lovely authenticity about her.

Brooke’s topics include When Silver Is Gold Olympic Dream, Health and Wellbeing, Leadership, Loss and Grief, Strong Women, Mother Motivation despite the Mayhem, Work Health and Safety as well as leadership workshops.